[WikiEN-l] Appeal for community support

Ilmari Karonen nospam at vyznev.net
Tue Feb 28 08:24:02 UTC 2006

VeryVerily wrote:
> Huh?  Any idiot can make a thousand uncontroversial copyedits.  What would
> you be wrong about in that case?

There _are_ people who, if all they could edit were articles on flowers 
and bunnies, would get into an edit war on flowers and bunnies.  Now 
_you_ may be certain that you're not one of those people, but others may 
not know you as intimately as you know yourself.

As you say yourself, proving the fact would take nothing but patience 
and self-control.  The fact that you took a one-year Wikibreak suggests 
you have some of those.  So why not go do that?  If you start doing it 
right now, you'll get quite a few uncontroversial copyedits done even 
before this thread here is over.

Besides, those uncontroversial copyedits also improve the encyclopedia. 
  That's something you seem to care deeply about.  We don't want to have 
an encyclopedia that's full of misspellings, do we?

Ilmari Karonen, not pretending to speak for the ArbCom at all

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