[WikiEN-l] Appeal for community support

VeryVerily veryverily at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 03:52:40 UTC 2006

[[Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/Appeal of VeryVerily]]
[[Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/Appeal of VeryVerily/Proposed

I'm coming to the mailing list because I don't know where else to turn.
I am asking for aid from anyone in the community, in any form you can
muster, to save me from another wrong ArbComm ruling which may
drive me off Wikipedia forever.

I hope the mailing list won't just dismiss this as some worthless
disgruntled complaint.  The AC can make poor decisions, as I think all
can acknowledge.

After a self-imposed exile of *a year* (because I could not edit under
the stress of constant blocking), I returned and worked very hard to
explain in painstaking detail to the ArbComm what they overlooked before.
They accused me of reverting "without discussion" based on a handful
of edits picked from my many thousands, but I explained (again) that
I was being stalked by an auto-reverter, and also I was dealing with
someone ("Ruy Lopez") who wrecks articles in batches with the same edits
to numerous articles.  I point out that I've always been responsible
about explaining edits when needed.  I similarly provided another, more
detailed, point-by-point, day-by-day account of what happened in each
of the cases they mentioned in their "Finding of Fact" (which I'd done
the first time in less detail).

None have contested the accuracy of my analysis (indeed, none have even
acknowledged it).  But they are not overturning the ruling that's based
on this accusation.

However, recently, all of the sudden, Raul654 tells me on his talk
page that the justification is a conflict I was in in May 2004 (!!),
seven months before the AC case, which was long since resolved and
over with, and which had never been mentioned in either case till now!
(And, as I noted, back then community norms were quite different; that
case went to a quickpoll, which voted to not take action.)

No other arbitrator will even tell me what they think I've done wrong.
I have tried to talk to them individually, and have gotten dismissive
responses, or none at all.

Jdforrester has gone so far as to apparently say that my thousands and
thousands of contributions (~12,000), the product of endless hours of
labor here, are OF NO BENEFIT TO WIKIPEDIA if I'm not willing to stay
under his conditions.  What am I to make of such a callous non-sequitur?

Raul says it's "galling" that I would complain when the evidence page
on the last arbitration was a mess - even though five cases were lumped
together and dozens of people were editing it, factors beyond my control.
In fact, I made very effort to respond to the arbitrators' points, but
they never seemed to even acknowledge it.  The final ruling still listed
articles which were reverted by a vandal stalking me (I reverted back)
as evidence of my "bad behavior".

This is all explained in detail in my appeal.

I once considered myself a major member of this community.  I have not
earned this hate.  And after more than a year, even if they're not sure,
they can't just let it be the past?  WP:AGF, WikiLove, all that?

So please anyone who has time take a look and comment.  I was a huge
contributor before, and I see so much that needs to be done and want
to pitch in.  But they'd have me edit as a second-class editor deprived of
legitimacy and vulnerable to arbitrary blocking.  With no justification
for making me one.

Thanks if you're still reading,


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