[WikiEN-l] Newest admin abuse on Wikipedia: Voter intimidation

Joshua Griisser JDGRII8338 at NGCSU.EDU
Thu Feb 23 20:58:03 UTC 2006

It's common for the anti-userbox crowd to say stuff like
"stop stressing out over it, it's just userboxes, not
real encyclopedia content". Well, the reason that I don't
follow that line of thinking is that it never stops at
just one abuse. It keeps building and building. We
currently have about half a dozen admins who show
repeated and blatant defiance for Wikipedia's community
and the consensus of that community. They are not large
in number, but they have a disproportionate amount of
influence, almost entirely malign. They are a living
argument for why we need a working desysopping process.

Our project's most destructive administrator, Kelly
Martin, has now stepped into the realm of voter
intimidation, by *blocking* [[User:Grue]] for a support
vote on [[User:Djr xi]]'s Request for Adminship. The
excuse was "personal attacks", even though the vote in
question did not mention anyone by name. This is a
blatant attempt to intimidate voters on this request
for adminship.

Kelly Martin has done far more to harm Wikipedia than
Willy on Wheels ever could. By firing the first shot
in the userbox wars, she is basically the Gavrilo
Princip of Wikipedia. Frankly, even if you gave
Willy sysop powers, I doubt that he could do more
damage than our worst sysops are doing right now. These
people are like hyperactive children given a machine
gun and it is time to take their toys away before more
people get hurt.

I'm more disgusted by all of this than I can possibly

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