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Phil Boswell phil.boswell at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 08:25:55 UTC 2006

"Delirium" <delirium at hackish.org> wrote in 
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> Joshua Griisser wrote:
>>I'm almost speechless with rage at Jimbo's unilateral deletion of the
>>encyclopedia article [[Brian Peppers]] - not to mention his locking (via
>>[[User:Danny]] and [[WP:OFFICE]]) of [[Harry Reid]] for *five days*.
> I'm very confused by this one.  I wrote a one-sentence, factual,
> verifiable, referenced stub reading something like the following (from
> memory):
> I fail to see how this could possibly be legally problematic.  What's
> more, deleting it from the encyclopedia reduces our coverage of internet
> culture, which is currently an active area of academic research.

At this stage, I think the legal angle pales into insignificance next to the 
FireStorm this article has generated on Wikipedia.

My impression is that this is a particularly egregious example of the 
poisonous atmosphere in the Deletion-related arenas abut which Jimbo has 
previously commented.

> There are some books on internet fads currently in press, scheduled to
> appear within the next year.  If one of them mentions Brian Peppers,
> will we still prohibit an article in Wikipedia about it?

Well, there is a deadline. Whether a proper article or a troll-piece hits 
the presses first will be interesting...
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