[WikiEN-l] Userboxes: A radical proposal

Phil Boswell phil.boswell at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 13:07:21 UTC 2006

"John Lee" <johnleemk at gawab.com> wrote in 
message news:43F9B9D1.30907 at gawab.com...
> Geni is dyslexic.

I can't recall whether the current social convention is that I should 
express sympathy or not for that particular condition. If I should, please 
take this as an expression of sympathy; if not, please bit-bucket it and 
pretend I politely ignored it according to convention.

Whichever way around, according to the latest statistics "geni" is the most 
prolific contributor to this mailing list, and is therefore probably 
well-worth listening to.

It would surely be helpful if I could understand the opinions being 

I have no idea whether I have a problem with those opinions because I cannot 
without a great deal of effort make out what they are.

In at least one message received today (having been posted over the weekend) 
I am fairly sure that what was typed was actually the **opposite** of what 
was intended; it was however impossible to decide so I moved on.

Whatever is the politest way of saying "please turn your spell-checker on so 
I can understand what you're saying", please substitute that for this 
sentence; please insert in addition any extra bits-and-pieces required to 
make it completely clear that I am trying my best to AGF, and that it would 
be nice if people were to do so in turn.
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