[WikiEN-l] Jimbo and his strategy

Philip Welch wikipedia at philwelch.net
Sun Feb 19 21:35:45 UTC 2006

> So basically what you're saying is because Jimbo Wales is busy running
> things on the WMF board, then the userboxes should stay?
> That's a pretty weak argument.
> By your logic, if Jimbo can't write articles, why does he make us  
> do them
> and then get in trouble with the press when controversial issues  
> arise? If
> he can't do them himself, they should stay unwritten.

I think his argument, (and if it isn't, it's possibly a stronger  
argument), is that it's not up to certain un-named admins to delete  
userboxes on Jimbo's behalf, based only on their interpretation of  
Jimbo's statements on the issue, because if Jimbo really wanted  
userboxes to go he'd say so.

Philip L. Welch

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