[WikiEN-l] An emotive plea for unblocking

Phil Boswell phil.boswell at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 13:31:47 UTC 2006

"Theresa Knott" <theresaknott at gmail.com> wrote 
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>> I take this to mean that registered users are also blocked if their IP
>> address is blocked.
> Yep that's exactly what happens.
>>Is this desirable? Can it be changed?
> Personally i would like the option to be able to unblock registered
> users if thier find their IP blocked without unblocking everyone else
> I have no idea if it's possible though.

I'm sure I recall someone saying it should be, it's simply a matter of 
giving a dev sufficient time and coffee to get it done :-)

> Admins should bear in mind collateral damage like this though when
> blocking. Shared IPs should be dealt with by reverting. Blocking
> should only be used in emergency situations and the block should be
> short. An hour is usually enough IMO. I know you all know this already
> but it doesn't hurt to remind ourselves now and then.

Don't we have a standard notice which we can put on shared-ip pages to 
notify admins when they check on vandals?

Yep: {{SharedIP}}

Maybe we could leverage that a bit...

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