[WikiEN-l] User:Curps Blocking an IP address when he could have blocked the individual User

Mason Patrick E SSgt 28 MUNS/MXWKB Patrick.Mason at ellsworth.af.mil
Thu Feb 16 19:06:14 UTC 2006

Excuse me? I am blocked because my IP was used by a vandal???? This I am
assuming is another asinine attempt by a sanctimonious Admin to stop
vandals by blocking an entire IP vs. the individual user... I looked at
the user ( BDOG) who supposedly vandalized something and deserved a
block and I noticed that he didn't even have any contributions other
than the sandbox nor was he even given a vandalism warning... Curps pull
your head out... This is BS and you had better have me unblocked PRONTO!

Seriously... blocking an IP address when he ( Curps) could have just
blocked the user? This has got to stop... This "Admin" has repeated
requests on his talk page to stop using autoblock and apparently he is
quick to ban entire blocks of IPs... I will change this when I become an

Someone Please contact an Admin to correct this situation... Curps is
clearly being a Dick.

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