[WikiEN-l] [[WP:PROD]] - a lightweight deletion process

Jesse W jessw at netwood.net
Sat Feb 11 07:01:17 UTC 2006

On Feb 10, 2006, at 10:33 PM, Alphax (Wikipedia email) wrote:
> A few thoughts on the matter:
> - Complementary to the {{prod}} tag is {{prod-2}}, which says "I agree
> with this nomination".
{{prod-2}} is depreciated by many users/supporters of PROD.  Either the 
person adding it thinks it is controversial(i.e. someone will want to 
keep it), in which case it should be listed on AfD, or they don't think 
anyone will disagree with their view on it(i.e. that it should be 
deleted) in which case tagging it with {{prod-2}} is redundant and a 
waste of time.  (All this is my opinion only of course)

> - For articles that have been tagged with {{prod}}, but the deletion is
> disputed for reasons which cannot immediately be expressed in the
> article, {{hangon}} (currently used to contest CSDs)
No.  This is really seriously wrong.  (pardon the caps, but this is 
important) *If The Deletion Is Disputed For Any Reason, The PROD Tag 
Should Be Removed*.  That's fundamental to the process - there is no 
such thing as different classes of disputes with the deletion - anyone 
who thinks the article should not be deleted(for any reason or no 
reason) should remove the tag.  PROD is for uncontroversial deletions, 
AfD(or some other process) is for controversial ones.  It is really 
important to keep these separate.

Jesse Weinstein

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