[WikiEN-l] [[WP:PROD]] - a lightweight deletion process

Jesse W jessw at netwood.net
Sat Feb 11 04:30:24 UTC 2006

On Feb 10, 2006, at 3:37 PM, MacGyverMagic/Mgm wrote:
> Not  a bad idea. It gives people time to work on an article and  
> doesn't get
> the immediate hit your article is being AFDed, but is there some  
> safeguard
> in place against people removing the tag?
> If someone removes an AFD tag, you still have the central listing. What
> happens if they remove a prod tag? Do I have to watchlist it and hope  
> it is
> the last edit on the article if I check it?
There is a log of the current status of any article which has had the  
PROD tag added to it at any time; i.e. if someone removes the tag, it  
shows up in this log - with the username, edit summary, and the current  
status of the article(AfD'd, deleted, copyvio, etc) visible in the log.  
  That log is here:  

Also, there is the currently tagged log (  
en_proposed_deletion ), which lists the time the article was tagged,  
the article name, the reason provided, and the number of hours  
remaining before the article can be deleted.  Overall, there is *more*  
information available about a PROD'ed article than is available about a  
AfD'ed article, although we could of course fix this with proper  

Jesse Weinstein

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