[WikiEN-l] [[WP:PROD]] - a lightweight deletion process

Ryan Delaney ryan.delaney at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 02:34:51 UTC 2006

On 2/10/06, Philip Welch <wikipedia at philwelch.net> wrote:
> >> That's impossible--PROD can't handle contested deletions, only
> >> uncontested.
> >
> > Any particular reason why?
> All you need to stop PROD is one person to remove the tag. In a
> dispute, people would edit war over the PROD tag until finally
> settling down and having a consensus-finding discussion—i.e.,
> engaging in the AfD process.

You are aware that bald reversion is not allowed and that rules like
[[WP:3RR]] -- or any admin with sense -- will stop it, right? Do you know
that this is exactly the same kind of canned non-objection that an
uninitiated person makes against the very idea of an encyclopedia that
anyone can edit?

This is why PROD is only a partial replacement. That said, we can
> reform AfD so that we don't launch headfirst into the voting (yes.
> VOTING)  process and actually discuss our concerns first, with the
> help of an impartial admin-facilitator whose job is to carry out the
> ultimate decision. This sounds laborious but if PROD can handle most
> of the load we can spare the resources.

I'm willing to listen to any ideas about reforming AFD, but I tend to think
that the whole idea of AFD is like putting a round peg in a square hole, and
that it is probably a better idea to just scrap the whole thing rather than
waste time fixing something that is fundamentally broken.


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