[WikiEN-l] Blocked.

Joe Gunner i_am_a_toughguy at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 9 03:40:27 UTC 2006

My user name is rafofcon and my IP address is I was blocked from editing pages by clockworksoul tonight for posting two discussion points for the article written about Stony Brook University. I had said nothing offensive and did not edit the actual article. I simply posted comments on the discussion page. I believe the block was without cause as I did not violate any Wikipedia policy.
  Clockworksoul said that the reason he blocked me was because I am a sockpuppet of the user bobbydoop, but this simply is not true. I only happen to agree with some of the statements he made and decided to chime in. Again, I made no changes to the actual Stony Brook University article, but clockworksoul concluded that I was bobbydoop trying to evade a block. I do not understand how a comment made on the discussion page of an article leads to the conclusion that I must be a banned user attempting to evade his block.
  Please resolve.
  Thank you.

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