[WikiEN-l] Ambi's two week block of Bobblewik

bobble wik bobblewik at mail.com
Tue Feb 7 16:21:21 UTC 2006

Ambi has given me a two week block with the comment:
"Continues to make disputed edits under main account at bot-speed (120/hour) despite being asked to stop by multiple people.".
Previous blocks have been made by Ambi and Talrias.
Ambi said: the edits are "disruptive and not being supported by consensus or policy"; the Manual of style "is a very obscure page"; "Bobblewik's campaign is a personal one". 

The edits relate to date links and implementing WP:MOSDATE, WP:MOS-L, and WP:CONTEXT. Several editors have been working on this. Whenever anyone has disagreed with the implementation, I have directed them towards those policy guidelines and suggested they seek a change in the policy. I even suspended my edits for a short while and proposed more constrained wording. 

Ambi and Talrias also complained that my earlier edits were too fast. So I limited my speed to 120 per hour because I thought that was reasonable. If I can still be blocked for implementing the manual of style at that speed, I would be prepared to reduce to 60 per hour, 30 per hour or even perhaps 12 per hour. Just tell me what the limit is and I will comply. It is bizarre to have a policy that cannot be implemented for fear of being blocked.

I hope I am not misattributing the following quotes from the various talk pages:
"I think a block at present would be utterly wrong." Thincat
"Disclosure: i favor the current guideline, and have made soem edits of the same sort. But blocking soemone for editing in accordance with the current state of the MoS seems improper to me." DES
"It is certainly not justifiable to block someone for making edits for the manual's current advice." Neonumbers
"I completely fail to understand how anyone can object to what Bobblewik is doing." Dpbsmith
"Has he served enough time now? This is a good, experienced, civil, productive editor. I'm not sure a two week sentence is really the most beneficial way ahead." Haukur

Please can people look into this and comment. Thanks

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