[WikiEN-l] Re: The Counter Vandalism Unit? Whaa?

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 10:34:08 UTC 2006


>Try thinking about people a second. People who are prepared to sit
>there day after day fighting off vandalism are a little different from
>others. Oh a lot of people go through a vandle fighting stage but they
>burn out on that. That means we need a constant stream of new
>recruites and ways to try and get the old hands stay on. CVU helps
>with both. We know from "internet wars" that there are a fair number
>of combat orentated internet users. CVU takes that and channels it
>into something useful.

*ahem* not that I have ever resembled that remark at all, or
frequently start my day with [[WP:ANI]] and [[WP:AN]] over my morning
coffee, looking for the latest sources of trouble to deal with ...

- d.

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