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> 3. I am at a state of war against some vandals, spesificaly ones that use
> wikimedia vunrabilities to get good users blocked. There are vandals whom
> could spoof IPs of good users and get them blocked. The more extreme vandals
> get, the more exreme I will get. I'd like to note I am "warring" bare
> handed. I cannot block a vandals. If we don't declare "war" on persistant
> vandals who only seek to vandalise wikipedia we created for their amusement.
> We need to "war" against vandalism. The ultimate battle strategy is to
> destroy the will of the opponent to fight. Most vandals stop after test
> warnings or a 5-15 minute "warning" block. Provoking vandals is just asking
> for more.

And for the record and to avoid possible further trolling, those are
HIS views, doens't mean every RC patroller thinks he's at war, to

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