[WikiEN-l] Should we be declaring war on vandals?

Jtkiefer jtkiefer at wordzen.net
Sat Feb 4 21:19:45 UTC 2006

The Cunctator wrote:
> Should any of us declare war on vandals?
> Aren't most vandals people who are just being juvenile, and likely if
> shown how much fun being a productive contributor to Wikipedia is,
> would rather have their edits last, influencing others?
> Shouldn't we distinguish between fighting vandalism and fighting
> vandals? It's not personal -- it's business. Right?
> Isn't declaring war a gross violation of assuming good faith?
> Please tell me why "declaring war" on vandals is a good idea.
Jimbo Wales declaring a war on vandals would be in my opinion as useful 
as George W. Bush (idiot!!!) declaring a war on terror, it means 
absolutely nothing and the distinction between vandals and vandalism is 
an extremely blurry line.


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