[WikiEN-l] Re: Fixed term sysops.

Mark Richards marich712000 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 12 16:15:30 UTC 2004

Sure - the power to ban simple vandals, users named
for identity deception, people abusing other users
etc. But a user whose username has a word in it that a
banned user also had, but has an innocuous and
generally productive edit history? LT is far from a
vandal, and has not engaged in any disruptive behavior
that I can see.

--- Fennec Foxen <fennec at gmail.com> wrote:
<cut> The point where this
> boundary becomes fuzzy
> is the cutting edge of Recent Changes, where it is
> clear that the
> community has decided that vandalism is bad and
> vandals should be
> blocked after being warned, but it's not entirely
> clear who is a
> vandal and what is vandalism (in some cases). Moving
> further away from
> this idealized little circle, we find the newly
> registered-for-trivial-vandalism username, simple
> trolls wanting
> trouble (naming themselves to confuse themselves
> with sysops, for
> example), and it continues on from there. Some of
> the actions taken in
> this area are not so much against policy as outside
> of policy, while
> some are clearly disallowed.
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