[WikiEN-l] And what do we do now ?

Anthere anthere8 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 16 03:11:55 UTC 2004

I had very good holidays, in a white and blue country, which seduced me 
for its beauty and silence. It was real good.

Now, I come back. I see a horrible number of fights.

I saw a user I strongly did not want to be made sysop, was made sysop 
during my not being there.

I see that at least 2 french web sites are quietly violating our copyright
I see Anthony fork
I see some people feel like stopping contributing if such things are 
done with our collective work

It is not because we work together, because our work benefit of the 
collective, that we individuals are no-ones.

I see Alex756 left, probably because some here did confuse attacking the 
bearer of bad news, from the one responsable of bad news
I wonder if people think it is better now that we have no lawyer and 
reasonable man to help us
I wonder how serious it is to desperate good people so much that they 
loose courage. And give up.
I wonder if some people feel proud, or pained, or sad, or feel a tiny 
bit of compassion.

I saw as well that 168 was unsysoped. I wonder if it is even worth to 
propose my help now between Mav and him.
I know one thing. When I disagreed with RK, two people jumped in to 
help; I knew none of them then. But they soothed the conflict. And we 
got out of it decently.
Will the unsysoping of 168 solve the issue he has with Lir ?

To me, it looks like we always forget to thank those who did good 
things, but very well remember to spank the ones who appeared to have 
failed, while they tried to make a point.

And what do we do now ?

Yes, I had good holidays :-)

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