[WikiEN-l] Kils sysop status temporarily revoked

Erik Moeller erik_moeller at gmx.de
Sat May 31 19:08:00 UTC 2003

I have temporarily revoked Kils' sysop status on en:, someone with  
developer status on de: may want to do the same. Explanation:

In the last few days, a user named "Viking" has vandalized/downsized a  
couple of articles he considered "indecent" (especially the [[fisting]]  
article), threatened people not to question what he is doing if they  
didn't have "administrator status" and then left (there was a brief  
discussion of a possible ban). Kils subsequently deleted Viking's user and  
talk pages and explained it was an "experiment of his children".

I asked him for details, he responded and then *deleted his talk page*  
before I could read his response. I restored the talk page and there was  
the following response.


 Eloquence: I confirm this - I do not think any had the quality of  
vandlism, otherwise I would have stepped in. We were concerned that a  
"handbook type" with direct instructions to certain practises on certain  
pages was endangering the reputation of wikipeia and of us as visible  
contributers and cooperators. A first thing many teachers and professors  
for example do, before they endorse or use a web based project in class or  
with students/parents, is to search for ugly content within. And there was  
some, and as we were supported by responses of colleagues with the right  
background it was beyond the rules of wikipedia - young vikings are often  
of very spontaneous mannors, I advised them to do things different, but  
then we are also very democratic. they plan to do it different now - we  
could have done everything anonymous, but we did not - from that you can  
deduct that we all are interested in communication and construction - we  
are all astonished how much time you spent in the wikipedia project  
(Anerkennung!) you seem to need only very little sleep - best greetings  
across the ocean (from the USA) from uwe kils - user Kils 18:50 31 May  
2003 (UTC)


It seems quite clear that Uwe Kils shares Viking's standard of "decency"  
regarding Wikipedia articles and feels that material e.g. about specific  
sexual practices is inappropriate. In light of his actions, I do not trust  
him to be a sysop anymore.

In spite of my objections, this should normally go through discussion  
first before the status is revoked, but I am worried that Kils might  
delete more pages, and it seemed like an appropriate safety measure. I  
also wanted to allow others to take a look at his user talk page to have a  
track record, and this was not possible with him being a sysop, because  
then I could not protect the page or stop him from deleting it. If anyone  
feels that Kils must be a sysop again, please post.



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