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River Tarnell river at loreley.flyingparchment.org.uk
Sun Feb 15 12:37:21 UTC 2009

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Lars Aronsson:
> Instead, we need to form groups with group access to make updates 
> and respond to questions.  This might sound harsh, but it's 
> actually very easy to implement. Just assign a second person to 
> all of your individual projects, and keep the door open for more 
> to join. Use the Linux group permissions (chmod g+w) for access, 
> and use the user ID only for identity.

we already have this, although using a slightly more sophisticated permissions
scheme than that:


in fact, people leaving for RL reasons / got bored / whatever, and leaving
their tools unmaintained was one of the main reasons the stable server was

the problem is that having the infrastructure doesn't make people use it.  i've
been trying to encourage people to move popular projects to stable and decouple
them from a single maintainer, but i can't force people to do it, and most
people don't have the time or inclination.

i don't think "banning" single-maintainer projects will accomplish anything.
most popular tools started off as something small written by one person, and if
we don't allow people to write things themselves, how will these tools develop?
if we were to do this, all that would happen is there would be no tools left.

	- river.
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