[Toolserver-l] WikiMiniAtlas

Stefan Kühn kuehn-s at gmx.net
Fri Feb 13 20:25:41 UTC 2009

Hello Lars,

I am the programmer of the scripts which extract the data for the 
project like Wikipedia-World

User:Kolossos and User:Dschwen use the data for projects like this cool 

At the moment I redesign my scripts for better support of more languages.

I have create the project Check Wikipedia. Now I will include the 
project Templatetiger in this project "Check Wikipedia". So we can fix 
very easy all problems in templates with this page. For this I programm 
a new part of the script, which can better detect the templates.

After this I will use the detection of the templates in all languages 
for my new detection of geocoordinates. I hope at this weekend I have 
finish the detection of templates. So next week I can begin with the new 
part of the script for geocoordinates.

After this complete restart I can support all languages and can create a 
new list of geocoordinates only 24 hours after the last dump 
(automatic). I can also create a new list with errors in templates and 
coordinates and ...

Also at the moment I write my doctor thesis and have a full-time-job. 
Sorry I am a busy man.

I hope you can wait this days. Then it will be better. If you can not 
wait here the scripts : http://toolserver.org/~sk/geo/download.zip
This image shows how it works: 

Best regards

Check Wikipedia



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