[Toolserver-l] Betawiki translations

Platonides platonides at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 13:01:31 UTC 2009

Daniel Kinzler schrieb:
> Marcin Cieslak schrieb:
>> I think we will be better of with flat files (for example in PHP or java 
>> properties format or maybe) versioned in some version control, similary 
>> as MediaWiki is doing.
> The problem is that each user has his/her own svn repo. Pushing messages to each
> would be rather annoying, especially with respect to access management (whos
> account would be used?...)

The users could just add the common repo to some folder using the
svn:external property.
Thus whenever they svn up their local copy, the commons one would be
updated. The downside is that if they don't svn up (eg. because they
haven't touched their code), their copy from the common repository won't
be updated either.
So people who use it must able to understand what it does and what it
does not.

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