[QA] Flagging some Beta Labs issues

Ryan Kaldari rkaldari at wikimedia.org
Fri Sep 5 23:08:04 UTC 2014

So did we ever decide who the official point person for Beta Labs issues
is? Greg?

On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 4:35 PM, Maryana Pinchuk <mpinchuk at wikimedia.org>

> Greetings, QAers,
> I'm not entirely sure who the point person for Beta Labs is currently, but
> I wanted to make sure you guys are aware that there have been a lot of
> issues (i.e., partial or total outages) with this environment in the past
> 2-3 weeks, most likely due to ongoing HHVM work. Unfortunately, because
> several teams at WMF rely quite heavily on Beta Labs – such as Mobile Web
> for testing new user-facing features before they go live in production, and
> Design/UX for running remote and in-person user tests – this is not so
> great. For example, the outage during Wikimania was particularly bad
> because Abbey was hosting a UX testing table during the conference that had
> scripted user tests all pointing to Beta Labs, so she was unable to run any
> of those tests and lost out on valuable user testing time.
> To avoid situations like this in the future, is there a way for teams who
> use Beta Labs for testing to stay in closer sync with its maintainers? I
> realize y'all aren't mind-readers ;) and there will of course be unexpected
> issues that crop up from time to time. But if there are likely to be more
> major breaking changes to the infrastructure while you continue working on
> HHVM, it would be great to get an advanced heads-up so we can plan
> accordingly. And when unexpected outages do occur, it'd also be good to
> know who to report them to and check in on progress with, because I'm not
> sure the current strategy of whining and hoping it'll fix itself is
> working/sane/scalable :)
> I don't know how this would work ideally (regular updates to a
> new/existing mailing list? dropping in on a new/existing IRC channel? a
> wiki page? some combo of all three?) but am open to any & all ideas! And as
> a start, it would be good if those of you currently tasked with maintaining
> Beta Labs could give a virtual wave – I *think* I know who you are, but
> Abbey's new and almost certainly doesn't ;)
> --
> Maryana Pinchuk
> Product Manager, Wikimedia Foundation
> wikimediafoundation.org
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