[Mediawiki-l] Problem with Mediawki 1.17 and Cite

Brion Vibber brion at pobox.com
Sat Jul 16 17:19:45 UTC 2011

2011/7/16 Constant Depièreux <constant.depiereux at skynet.be>

> Following a migration to Mediawiki 1.17, I experience problem with cite
> extension to manage footnote references (<ref>...</ref>
> ...<references/>) : the reference number does not appear in some pages.
> After review of my code, it seems to be related to the coding of table
> using html syntax instead of wiki one.
> For a better understanding, see :
> * http://ressources-qhse.org/index.php?title=Mod%C3%A8le:UE (html code,
> indexing number does not appear)
> * http://ressources-qhse.org/index.php?title=Mod%C3%A8le:UE2 (wiki code,
> idexing number present)

Copying both of these over to my test wikis, they both show the superscript
1 link, on both current SVN trunk and current 1.17 release branch.

Double-check that your extensions are up to date; use the version of the
Cite extension in the 1.17 branch (from REL1_17 raw SVN checkout, or select
1.17 in the download from mediawiki.org). It's possible that an old version
of the ext might have some funkiness?

> Another problem is with #replace, that I did not succeed to get at work
> using wiki coded table. Could any of you help on any of these issues?

This also seems to work for me with both 1.17 and trunk, using the matching
current versions of StringFunctions.

-- brion

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