[Mediawiki-l] how big the SVN footprint of MediaWiki has grown

Brian J Mingus brian.mingus at Colorado.EDU
Sat Jul 9 23:06:15 UTC 2011

On Sat, Jul 9, 2011 at 3:41 PM, <jidanni at jidanni.org> wrote:

> Anybody got a graph of how big the disk footprint of a basic MediaWiki
> SVN installation has grown each year? It seems we're up to
> $ ssh jidanni.org du -sh mediawiki/
> 142M    mediawiki/
> Well yes, in these days of big disk platters, one can still get by.
> But I do believe you are putting on weight a little faster than the
> general population.
> (Plus, I bet there's nothing we basic SVN users could do to trim the fat.
> And if there was, it would end up breaking later, just while we are at the
> disco.
> Whereas those who actually use those unused parts would be better suited
> to deal with not sending it out at the source in the first place.
> (OK, I recall I mentioned something like that before, but "as you
> provide/encourage
> no official way to search for it", I'm not responsible for repeating
> myself.)
> )

My trunk repo with extensions is 808 MB and growing fast :)

Brian Mingus
Graduate student
Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
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