[Mediawiki-l] Single Login for phpCollab and Mediawiki

Ashima Goyal ashima.goyal at stellarix.com
Tue Jul 5 09:54:55 UTC 2011

Hi All !

I am trying to make a single login for phpCollab and MediaWiki by using a
different Login Page. Once the person login there, they should be able to go
around in both.
I have installed Mediawiki 1.17.0 and phpCollab using Xampp.

Also I have read the article
http://wiki.case.edu/CaseWiki:External_Authentication which helped me to
make few changes but I am still not able to set the things correctly. Can
anyone please help me if they have done something similar. Tell me if there
is any other way of doing this by not using third login page but just
modifying Mediawiki.

Thanks in advance!

Ashima Goyal

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