[Mediawiki-l] Page title different from URL

Tim Landscheidt tim at tim-landscheidt.de
Sun Jul 3 01:22:37 UTC 2011

(anonymous) wrote:

> I want to be able to specify a page's own title which may be different from the URL. For example I could make a page:
> /wiki/Apple
> I dont want the page's title to be "Apple" but rather something else, for example: "Apple, the Fruit"

> One reason for wanting to do this is that some web interaces (emails, websites, forums and so on) render some Mediawiki links broken if there are certain characters present in the URL such as: (, ' , & and so on. This problem can be avoided if we make error-free URL's while having the freedom to have the page title as anything we want.

> I've forgotten the page where such a method was listed using CSS or something like that.

Take a look at


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