[Mediawiki-l] FCK Editor

Alexis Moinet alexis.moinet at umons.ac.be
Tue Jan 11 08:32:37 UTC 2011

Henny Savenije wrote :
> No such file or directory in 
> /storage/vhosts/genealogy.henny-savenije.pe.kr/httpdocs/mediawiki/extensions/fckeditor/fckeditor.php 
> Although the file 
> /storage/vhosts/genealogy.henny-savenije.pe.kr/httpdocs/mediawiki/extensions/fckeditor/fckeditor_php5.php 
> is there.

This is a bit confusing. What is the actual name of the file ? fckeditor.php, fckeditor_php5.php, FCKEditor.php (in some of your previous posts), something else ?

Also, you might want to check the owner and rights set on the files


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