[Mediawiki-l] update.php ignores LocalSettings in command line mode

Axel Rau axel.rau at chaos1.de
Tue Oct 26 13:36:05 UTC 2010

Hello all,

while trying to update my wiki_family from 1.15.4 to 1.16.0, I see that
update.php tries to update my public schema, which contains no wiki.

My PostgreSQL 8.4.5 setup has one schema per wiki, as described here:

My LocalSettings contains:
	array('Admin Wiki', 'w_admin', 'w_admin'));

foreach($mysites as $site){

##trigger_error("_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] = " . $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] .
", wgSitename =" . $wgSitename,E_USER_ERROR);
if(!$wgSitename && $wgCommandLineMode) {
   foreach($mysites as $site){


if(!$wgSitename){trigger_error('Internal Error - Please mail

What shall I do to update my schemas?

Thanks, Axel
axel.rau at chaos1.de  PGP-Key:29E99DD6  +49 151 2300 9283  computing @  
chaos claudius

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