[Mediawiki-l] index.php little problem

Carlos Buj correoacarlos at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 14:03:01 UTC 2010

I tried to insert a little code to follow the stats in google analytics into
my wiki at http://wiki.turismo-sostenible.net/ so i insert it into the
index.php and not only the stats didn't work out but the site doesn't load
(it's a blank page).

Later I removed the code hoping everything would go back to normal but still
only a black page loads! My media wikiversion: mediawiki-1.15

update: i cant access http://wiki.turismo-sostenible.net/  but i can access

This seems a very easy bug to fix! (but i cant!)

Please help! Thanks!!


Turismo-sostenible.net <http://turismo-sostenible.net>
<http://turismo-sostenible.net>+34 651 117 943
Twitter.com/buenviajero <http://twitter.com/buenviajero>
Skype: carlosinho

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