[Mediawiki-l] Benefits of using wiki in a corporate environment-howto convience?

Jack D. Pond jack.pond at psitex.com
Sun Oct 17 02:20:30 UTC 2010

"whitepaperish" response to question can be found here.


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> Well, so being a mediawiki savvy I realize how using 
> mediawiki can benefit a small to medium scale enterprise.
> Recently I have being asked task to convience my executive 
> management team about benefits of using an internal corporate 
> mediawiki in the organization (say 60 to 80 people). What are 
> some good pointers/resources that I can point them to?
> I would like to avoid the route of me telling them as to why 
> I think it will be useful. Rather it  would be good if I can 
> give them a 3rd party resources or even testimonials from 
> this mailing list which explains in general that how can 
> mediawiki benefit an organization.
> Your inputs will be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks
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