[Mediawiki-l] Benefits of using wiki in a corporate environment-how to convience?

Bruce Whealton bwhealton at futurewavedesigns.com
Sun Oct 17 02:08:43 UTC 2010

I have a follow-up question or related question... can you use mediawiki to
setup a private wiki that would exist on the web?  I have in mind something
for a non-profit... They wouldn't have the funds to pay for virtual private
hosting or anything... so this may not be the thing to use.  I just know
that a wiki can be easy to use and that most folks do have internet
access... as does the organization in question.

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to convience?

Well, so being a mediawiki savvy I realize how using mediawiki can benefit a
small to medium scale enterprise.

Recently I have being asked task to convience my executive management team
about benefits of using an internal corporate mediawiki in the organization
(say 60 to 80 people). What are some good pointers/resources that I can
point them to?

I would like to avoid the route of me telling them as to why I think it will
be useful. Rather it  would be good if I can give them a 3rd party resources
or even testimonials from this mailing list which explains in general that
how can mediawiki benefit an organization.

Your inputs will be greatly appreciated!

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