[Mediawiki-l] users rights and importing users

André Meunier ameunier at ulg.ac.be
Thu Oct 14 14:10:00 UTC 2010


I'm using UserRightsList extension to manage the rights of my user via a 
list, instead of one by one.
I have a lot of users on the wiki, as it is used for students to make 
group works.
I've updated the wiki to the last version, and the extension is broken, 
I get this message when trying to save changes :

*Fatal error*: Cannot access protected property WebRequest::$data in 
on line *62

*Also, I use the extension Mass User Import, to import the students with 
the name, email, username for the wiki, and they receive an email with 
invitation and a temporary password.
Could it be tweaked to add the group to which I would like to assign 
them? I don't know where in the tables the users and the groups are 
If I can't, do you have any idea how I could easily add about 400 new 
users to a group, and switch about the same number of users from a group 
to another group?


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