[Mediawiki-l] Default path variable for extension directory

Daniel Steiner steiner at futurelife.ch
Tue Jun 1 09:05:33 UTC 2010

I tried to install three wiki instances on the same server, using same
extension file resources.

Following the advice at
kis_sharing_common_resources I declared a new variable

Including extensions this way works very well for most of it.

But for some extensions, I found that they use additional path variables
to their files internally, which refer to "extensions/ExtensionName"

Of course, this makes it hard to maintain proper inclusion/update of
such extensions, because the internal variables have to be patched.


So it would be nice, if MediaWiki introduces a common "$wgExtensionPath"

Then extension developers can use this variable as basic extension
directory path and wiki administrators can change it as needed very




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