[Mediawiki-l] Style pages based on category, possible?

Jean-Marc van Leerdam j.m.van.leerdam at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 22:16:22 UTC 2010


On 28 January 2010 14:58, Bernard at bernardHulsman.nl
<bernard at bernardhulsman.nl> wrote:
> Jean-Marc, you have to use
> http://handleiding.wikiation.nl/MediaWiki:Common.css . That is where it is
> defined. It is no standard MW feature. There is no LocalSettings involved.

The Common.css is only the part where you define the background color
depending on the category you use. I.e. you specify that
.cat-Timecode-future results in a background: #fff7e7

That part is entirely clear to me, I use Common.css extensively.

But in my mediawiki installation (1.13.3, and neither on mediawiki.org
which uses 1.16alpha), there are no cat-[category name] classes being
output. I see a ns-xxx and a page-yyy part in the body class, but no
cat-zzz part. That is what confuses me.


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