[Mediawiki-l] Looking for an extension which suppresses all older page revisions in Recent Changes

Thomas Gries mail at tgries.de
Tue Jan 26 22:49:34 UTC 2010

Re: Recent Changes list -
improvement for certain mediawiki applications

I am looking for an extension for a _modified output of 
Special:RecentChanges_ which
- suppresses all older revisions of a page and _only shows the most 
recent change_.
- the previous edits are irrelevant for my application as they can be 
retrieved on page history panes if needed.

Before you point me to that:

- neither the well-known user option "Use enhanced recent changes 
(requires JavaScript)" [1] is what I am looking for
- nor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Tim_Laqua/monobook.js/doc .

[1] only "merges" article changes on day per day. Article changes on 
previous day(s) are still listed if any, but I am only interested in the 
single appearance of the last change.

Who can help by posting a solution?


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