[Mediawiki-l] Media file viewing problem

Even Thorbergsen even.thorbergsen at frigosoft.no
Mon Jan 18 22:49:30 UTC 2010

Hello everybody,


This is my first posting to this MediaWiki mailing list.


I am managing a MediaWIki site at http://www.bmk.no/wiki.

After having used Extension:ImportUsers, I discovered that the media files
viewing faulted, using a strange file path.

I don't really know if the use of the extension caused it, but now I need to
fix it somehow.


This is how it looks (partly translated from Norwegian) where the
"Festivallogo" picture was supposed to appear:

Error creating miniature picture: convert unable to open image: convert:
unable to open image

`/data/www/bmk.no/www/wiki/images/Festivallogo.jpg': No such file or
convert: missing an image filename



Best regards,

Even Thorbergsen

User Event (or EvenT) at several Wikipedias.


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