[Mediawiki-l] Media file viewing problem

Christensen, Courtney ChristensenC at battelle.org
Tue Jan 19 19:47:08 UTC 2010

From: Even Thorbergsen Sent: Monday, January 18, 2010 5:50 PM
>This is how it looks (partly translated from Norwegian) where the
>"Festivallogo" picture was supposed to appear:
>Error creating miniature picture: convert unable to open image: convert:
>unable to open image
>`/data/www/bmk.no/www/wiki/images/Festivallogo.jpg': No such file or
>convert: missing an image filename
>Best regards,
>Even Thorbergsen

Hi Even,

Have you looked in your LocalSettings.php file for these variables?
$wgUploadPath       = "../images/default/images";
$wgUploadDirectory  = "/images/default/images";

Those may be pointing to the wrong folders.

Good luck!

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