[Mediawiki-l] mysql5 binary schema

Domas Mituzas midom.lists at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 08:39:49 UTC 2009

Hello Ben,

> I need to use mysqldump to back up the wiki. So -- how can I upgrade
> my mysql4 database to one of the new mysql 5 schemata?

We have few mysql5 servers running around, that got imported from  
mysql4 data.

Though we do a bit different trick (we start server with --default- 
character-set=binary, then load binary data - mysqldump can give you a  
binary dump too) - essentially it is quite similar to the binary  
schema inside MediaWiki package.

So, you either have to do binary dump if you want to reimport into  
properly built MySQL5 instance, or you can use Special:Export / other  
xml dumping tools.

The problem with standard mysql4.1+ mysqldump is that it dumps data as  
'utf8' by default - to conversions might be done on fields that were  
tagged as 'latin1' before.

Best regards,
Domas Mituzas -- http://dammit.lt/ -- [[user:midom]]

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