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Sullivan, James (NIH/CIT) [C] sullivan at mail.nih.gov
Wed Sep 17 14:08:26 UTC 2008

Setting those to true should only make the option available, unchecked,
in the user preference.  For example, if you set them to false, the
options would disappear from the user preference.  By making them true,
they are now available to be checked, but by default are unchecked.  I
don't know if there is a way to make them checked by default.


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I want to define by default some Email notification settings in my
I want "user talk" and "watchlist" notifications to be checked by
default in users preferences page.

I have in Localsettings.php:

$wgEnableEmail      = true;
$wgEnableUserEmail  = true;

$wgEmailAuthentication = true;
$wgEnotifUserTalk = true; # UPO
$wgEnotifWatchlist = true; # UPO

And in includes/DefaultSettings.php :

$wgEmailAuthentication = true; # UPO
$wgEnotifWatchlist = true; # UPO
$wgEnotifUserTalk = true;

Maybe I've something wrong?



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