[Mediawiki-l] MediaWiki + Lucene-Search2 + MWSearch extension = ZERO search results

agent dale cooper agentdcooper at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 16:18:04 UTC 2008

Sorry everyone for the "repost" but this was but that was my first post to
the MediaWiki-l mailing list, and I guess I didn't fully understand that
HTML would get stripped out, so the last post was truly ugly, I could see
alot of potential assistance could be turned away due to the horridmessage
format, please forgive me and allow me this "correction repost". thanks!

To cut the chase, and get to the point = I've been trying for a *very* long
time now attempting to roll-out my own MediaWiki-based website with
full-text search capabilities using the Lucene extension, I only wish I
could get it to just plain *work*! but, alas : I am at a dead end.

I've read any/every-thing I can find on the internet about MediaWiki +
Lucene-search2 + MWSearch, but no luck so far - I keep running into the same
problem which is ZERO SEARCH RESULTS via the MediaWiki search engine AFTER
installing the Lucene-search2 daemon & MWSearch extension.

Prior to the installation of Lucene-search2 daemon & MWSearch extension, my
MediaWiki search worked without a hitch -- but I *need* the full-text search
capability Lucene brings along, it is *the solution I need*.

Which brings me to my problem, and my plea to the MedaWiki-l mailing list ;
When-ever I search with Lucene-search2 daemon & MWSearch extension
installed, I get ZERO search results (specifically the search "results" page
error reads = 'No page text matches') but after troubleshooting the issue, I
found by enabling MediaWiki debugging, my
/var/log/mediawiki/debug_svn_log.txt shows (summarizing here) ;

Fetching search data from
Http::request: GET
total [0] hits
OutputPage::sendCacheControl: private caching; **
Request ended normally

Follow me here :: if I load up the URL in the debug log above (or
*everytime* I search now and read the debug log) in a web-browser, like
'lynx' it I see this (or something similar) ;

1.0 0 Main_Page

Now that tells me that I am actually getting a REAL result when going to the
link in debug manually! It seems to be saying there is 1 mention of the word
I searched for, and it is on the "Main_Page" (which is correct!)

I have put ALOT more information about my problem, _every step_ I took
starting with my MediaWiki installation on a newly formatted hard drive+new
Slackware linux v12.1 Operating System install (slackware 12.1), I also have
log files and configuration files posted at this website (actually, its the
"talk" page for the MediaWiki extension = MWSearch) =

I hope someone out there has done this, and/or has a working setup that
could point me in the right direction (to a website/HOWTO document, or
anything!), or someone who would be willing to troubleshoot this issue with
me! I am NOT a linux newbie in any sense of the word, and can use anyones
assistance who may be able to help me FIX the issue. IMHO I think the
problem is with MWSearch extension itself, but it is VERY possible I did
something wrong, and am willing to admit my fault, and correct it - someone,
ANYONE, please guide me thru how to fix this issue!

(I've been at troubleshooting this issue for _OVER_ 6months now, just to
give you an idea of how much searching and troubleshooting I've given this

Feel free to email me, or post here, or even post on the MediaWiki Extension
talk:MWSearch page =

Thanks for your time! peace -

agentdcooper at gmail.com

PS :: One last thing/FYI - the following is my current overall system setup
    * Slackware linux v12.1, (Linux Slackware's smp-generic
kernel, unchanged)
    * MediaWiki: 1.13alpha (SVN 06-25-2008)
    * PHP: 5.2.6 (I used Slackware 12.1's PHP v5.2.6 update package)
    * MySQL: 5.0.51b
    * MediaWiki Extension(s): MWSearch SVN 06-25-2008, and Lucene-search2
SVN 06-25-2008, + I downloaded & installed mwdumper.jar into the
Lucene-search2 "lib" dir = /usr/local/search/ls2
    * other tools: jre-6u6-i586-3, jdk-1_5_0_09-i586-1,
apache-ant-1.7.0-i486, rsync-3.0.2-i486-1

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