[Mediawiki-l] DefaultSettings for Tidy on Windows machines.

Michael Daly michael_daly at kayakwiki.org
Mon Jan 21 21:54:21 UTC 2008

I noticed a minor item with respect to the use of Tidy on Windows machines.

Windows binaries for PHP usually include Tidy by default.  Unlike other 
OS versions, the Windows users don't take an active role in including or 
excluding Tidy.

In DefaultSettings.php for version 1.12 (looking ahead a bit), I noticed 
that the global for internal Tidy is set by testing for the inclusion of 
the internal Tidy extension in PHP.  Parser.php will perform a check on 
whether internal Tidy is available and selects that in preference to 
external Tidy.  Hence, if LocalSettings.php is set to use Tidy, it gets 
internal Tidy by default.

If the admin doesn't realize that internal Tidy is in PHP and/or prefers 
to use external Tidy (for whatever reason), he will be surprised that 
external is not used unless he explicitly resets the internal Tidy flag 
to false.

Personally, I find this a "surprising" default setting.  I would expect 
the internal Tidy flag to be false by default.

I haven't put this in as a bug, since I'd prefer to see if others think 
this is not an issue.

PS - since internal Tidy has been knackered in Parser.php from 1.7 to 
1.11 inclusive (it only had PHP4 functions), I assume that internal Tidy 
is not something most developers/admins think much about.  Hence this 
change in Parser.php for 1.12 might not have been thought out in terms 
of all OSes being used.


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