[Mediawiki-l] Changing page title and "About..." in footer

Frank Fulchiero fful at conncoll.edu
Mon Jan 14 21:17:38 UTC 2008

I created a wiki for someone in MediaWiki 1.5.4

However, they want the page titles at the top to include the words  
"Islam in the U.S." instead of "Islamintheus".
Can something be changed in a file to do this? That is, replace a  
variable with a constant.
This would have to be done for every page, not just the Main Page.
I am assuming that the same variable "islmaintheus" is used for

1. Wiki name
2. Page name in browser bar
3. URL
4. "About...".in the footer

They also want "Islam in the U.S." instead of "Islamintheus" in the  
"About..." in the footer.
Where could I change this? Thanking anyone for any info.

Frank Fulchiero
Digital Media Specialist
Connecticut College

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