[Mediawiki-l] Extension:Guestbook problem

John W Foster johnwfoster at verizon.net
Fri Jan 11 00:51:39 UTC 2008

I am trying to get "captchas" to working on my Mediawiki installation,
to use in conjunction with a guestbook. The author of the Mediawiki
extension, which is written in php, says that the reason that the
'capchas' do not work is a problem with "certain distros" installation
of php and certain features of GD. He does not elaborate. I have a out
of the box installation of mediawiki, php5, and everything I can find
that has 'gd' as part of it, all installed from Debian testing and up to
The entire system seems to be working fine with no tweaking, except this
particular feature. Anyone here who knows php & gd or anyone with any
experience with getting this to work. BTW: When this was installed from
Debian etch it all worked OK including the 'capchas' when I decided to
set up a newer system on testing it does not.

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