[Mediawiki-l] Noob's question about the weight of the data caused by a lot of revisons

Dr JFBurté burtejf at orange.fr
Thu Jan 10 14:05:06 UTC 2008


My question is (MW 1.11)
How to get a more light DATA with WP by eliminating a ton of version of 
revision that WP keeps in the tables ?

To day I can no more export by phpMyAdmin, I do not know how to obtain a 
file XML ( on a mutualized server = pb of rights for running 
-> So I think that I can relieve simply my DATED by eliminating that tons of 
"histories", today useless,
... but how can it be done?

Thank a lot you for the help = I need to backup/reinject my distant 
site/data at home (on localhost) 

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