[Mediawiki-l] Getting freshest version of page that is based on a template

Flip Mozart flipmozart at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 9 04:17:25 UTC 2008


I know there have been a number of posts on disabling caching and all that.

But my situation has a unique wrinkle.  I'm using PagesOnDemand extension to dynamically generate a page, whose content is entirely dependent upon a template (using SUBST, see below):

   Template:SomeTemplate content: 

       "This is a template which changes rather frequently."

   Wiki page X content (code): {{subst:SomeTemplate}}

   Wiki page X content (as seen by user):        

      "This is a template which changes rather frequently." 

What I would like to happen is for users to see the latest version of page X, especially when Template:SomeTemplate changes.  

Let's assume this series of actions.  

   1) I visit page X (let's call this version 1).

   2) I change Template:SomeTemplate

   3) I visit page X again (let's call this version 2).

What I'm expecting is that version 2 of page X will reflect the changes made in step 2 above.  However, in my initial attempt, what happens in step 3 is that I see version 1 instead of version 2.  

I get to see version 2 only when I do one of two things:

   1) I hit the browser's REFRESH button. 
   2) I add a "&action=purge" to the URL of page X.

My question then is: what seems to be causing this?  Is this a server-side caching issue (e.g. Squid or whatever)?  Is this a client-side (browser) caching issue?  

I tried inserting code that is supposed to disable caching, to no avail:

        global $wgOut;

Can someone give me any clues or hints? 

Many thanks!


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