[Mediawiki-l] New install of 1.10.1 vs. upgrade from 1.5

Chris Knust chris at knust-net.de
Sun Sep 2 10:27:12 UTC 2007

Good morning all,

my apologies for a stupid but probably easy to answer question.

I currently run MediaWiki 1.5.0; I seem to understand that I could not 
even do a direct upgrade to 1.10.1 but would have to make intermediate 
However, I would like to move from a directory in my domain to a 
subdomain anyways so I thought I could skip the intermediate steps by 
doing the following:

- Full backup of the current Wiki

- Disconnect of the current Wiki to the MySQL database

- New installation of MediaWiki 1.10.1 at the subdomain (with all the 
necessary steps such as generating folders etc.), referencing my MySQL 

- Upload the MySql database dump (made with mysqldumper) if necessary

I´d appreciate any hint if I have a substantial error in this plan.
Thanks so much, best regards

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