[Mediawiki-l] Including unmatched HTML tags in templates? How to?

Michael Daly michaeldaly at kayakwiki.org
Tue May 29 21:31:27 UTC 2007

Ken McDonald wrote:
> I would like to define two templates, one being a "start" template which 
> contains
>    <div style="bunch of stuff">
> and the other containing just
>    </div>
> However, the "</div>" is being escaped by the MW engine, so appears 
> verbatim in the page, rather than functioning as an HTML end tag.
> Is there a way around this? 

This seems to work fine in the {{flatlist}}...{{endflatlist}} templates 
on Wikipedia (endflatlist consists of nothing but </div>).  If there's a 
bug in the template(s) installed, the </div> shows up, but if all the 
bits are installed correctly, it's hidden.  There could even be a bug in 
the CSS that causes it to muck up.  Sorry I can't be more helpful than 
this - I tried to help someone with this same problem on mwusers.com 
forum recently, but he fixed it without revealing exactly what he did.


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