[Mediawiki-l] Infoboxes

Azurite azurite at seventh-star.net
Sat May 26 07:01:18 UTC 2007

I'm trying to set up a system of Infoboxes for use on a few pages (with 
a running theme) on my Wiki, but all my searches on how to actually go 
about creating an Infobox are turning up nil. A Google search only 
revealed other Wiki's infoboxes and their Talk pages on them. I couldn't 
find a wiki page in the MediaWiki meta on how to do it, so I'm turning 
here for help. I don't think just copy-pasting the source of the 
infoboxes I need from Wikipedia is a good idea, as Wikipedia uses a 
different version of the software than me (I can only use up to 1.6.10), 
and there is so much syntax and other templates there in use that I'm 
not aware of. Does anyone have any pointers?
Thanks in advance,

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