[Mediawiki-l] efficiently adding javascript / css to page header

Ittay Dror ittayd at qlusters.com
Thu May 17 14:58:54 UTC 2007


I've written some tags that require javascript packages. Naturally, I 
want to link to them in the <head> section.

The only way I know how to do it now is to add a hook to 
'BeforePageDisplay'. The problem is that then I don't know whether the 
page actually uses the tag, so a lot of javascript references are added 
to pages that don't use the tags (and even with caching, the browser 
needs to validate).

If I add the js reference from inside the tag handler, then it is not 
added when the content is cached.

So, is there a way of better associating javascript with a page?



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